Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Increase Your Work Place Well Being

Boy that was a good tip from Danni in the last post (what you didn't read it?? well go ahead, I'll wait right here...) tapppppppping foot...

Now, we all have stress, we all have aggravation (I mean we SELL online..where we can't see or touch or talk to our customers, many of whom don't bother to read what we write about our products...the thought alone raises my bp).  Then there's family, friends, frenemies and outright hostile people we encounter.  Our pets, our cars, our computer...all conspiring to "get us".

So I read this tip and I think I'll try this with just a small fish bowl...up high were the VPs won't see it..

The tip I read is "adopt the principles of Feng Shui. Add an aquarium to the east or north corner of your office. Guppies are considered an auspicious fish choice.  (and they aren't that hard to take care of either.)

I'll let you know  in a few months how that works out for me.

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Sushiboofay said...

I love taking a break from the computer and watching fish swim around. It IS very peaceful! Keep their tank or bowl clean, however, well...that's another story! ;-)