Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions!! Again? Really?

Nope. Well, not the same way anyway. This year, I'm going to do more than write the same list of inspiring goals, visions and fantasies that I've been writing every other year. Lose weight, take a class or two, exercise more, and on and on. Probably if we merged all ours lists, they'd all be pretty similar. Especially, the part about how the whole thing has totally slipped the mind within a week.

Not this time!! A group of us are going to focus on keeping these in view all year. There's nothing like sharing the energy to help everyone in the group keep an eye on the prize. Some are calling this a Vision Board. I'm calling mine My Life Book because it's all about the important things in my life. The first one in my book is a print out of the home page of my swim team's web site. Resolution: Get back on the team for the 2011-2012 season.

Anyone want to join the group and stay focused on the prize? Add your system or resolutions and we'll all share...



Beth Cherkowsky said...

I don't do New Year's Resolutions for exactly that reason, Elaine. I never keep them longer than the first 3 days. But similar to THE SECRET, I think the Vision Board or Life Book can inspire me all year. Mine is going to be pictures..I just havent' figured out where to put them so I see them regularly. Myabe after I rearrange my desk today, a space will present itself!

Good job... next post, how about a picture of your first page??

pat said...

Great blog post Elaine! I have never been successful with keeping resolutions so I quit making them many years ago. I think my path to success is not by making grand resolutions but by making small decisions, one at the time, about changes.....and then sticking to them.
Good luck to you in 2011!

Kat Simpson said...

Well, never been a huge fan of the Vision Board thing but I think Beth has talked me into trying one for this year. Going to try my scrapbook software and keep it in view on my desktop . . . . . or try!

Sushiboofay said...

Resolutions and goals have never worked for me - considering the vision board, but I haven't gotten any inspiration yet.

UdderlyGoodStuff said...

YES! I love this idea! Makes those goals tangible and not as easily put to the wayside.

I will be with you making a Vision Board... I have so many things I want to accomplish in 2011!!

mymomsbooks said...

No vision board here but a definite list of too dos. I plan on listing more in the next few months because time is on my side. Hopefully space will be gained in my work area. That's my Vision!