Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DSR Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

This month's photo challenge was "Tis The Season." I had a lot of ideas for this photo, but kind of ran out of time to really play with the idea. In the end - I settled on this shot. This is fudge made by my Sister-In-Law. Each year the hubby's family has a get-together around Christmas and she sends everyone home with a "care package" of items she has made. This year included a pecan pie, fudge, peanut clusters, some kind of cookies (haven't tried them yet) and a cheese ball. I told the hubby to save us about six pieces of this fudge and take the rest to work with him. He hasn't. I've been good....but today....I think I hear a piece calling my name! :-O


Beth Cherkowsky said...

looks can send it to me. I love fudge

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Looks YUMMY!! send all unwanted fudge to me. LOL
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kdmoretti said...

Oh Chocolate is my biggest compulsion ! Looks scrumptious even on the computer LOL