Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Lost Glove

The Glove

I lost a glove yesterday and it made me sad because I knew I couldn't replace it. I've had this pair of gloves for years. It's one of those tiny gloves, one size fits all. They look like a child's glove, but they expand to fit an adult small. I really liked them and now one is gone.

It was lost because I took less care of them than I had in previous years. It was housed in a different sweater and the pockets weren't as deep as my old faithful sweater I'd put aside for some repairs. I'd put both gloves in one small pocket instead of putting one glove in each side.

One day last week it had fallen out and I'd noticed it and picked it up, but yet I stuffed it back in that same small, shallow pocket, forgot about it and now it's gone; probably forever.

Did you ever think that your friendship for someone is like that glove? You've had it for years. It kept you warm when life was cold. You've had fun while you've worn it - you've been happy and sad. All that time it's been with you like a faithful companion. Now it's gone, lost, maybe forever and you're cold.

It would have still been keeping you warm if you'd paid attention to it - but you didn't. You took it for granted that it would always be there; just like it always had been. You pushed it to the side when you didn't need it. You stuffed it in a pocket thinking you could drag it out when you needed it, but you didn't care to see that it was safely taken care of and now it's not there.

A little extreme? Maybe, but while you have a chance, take that friendship out of your pocket, dust it off and wear it again. Give them a call, send an email or card, go somewhere together.

Now, if you keep wearing those gloves and taking care of them, they will be there with you for years to come - during the hard times and the happy times they'll be there.

Don't keep your friends stuffed away in a long forgotten pocket. You might just find one of them missing the next time you need one.

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