Sunday, July 26, 2009

The eBay Recession Diet or how I lost 5 lbs, my money and my sanity

This is an actual conversation - me and Kat in a planning session for our next joint project - an ebay diet book -

Beth: so we're doing "empty nester meals" again - which means left overs from the freezer or sandwiches. I've lost 5 lbs between this and being poor

kathysimpson: Hey, more than one way

kathysimpson: you could probably write a diet based on that and sell it, LOL

Sent at 5:23 PM on Sunday
Beth: THe eBay Diet

kathysimpson: feast or famine

Beth: yea
Or How I lost 5 lbs and my fortune

kathysimpson: The recession diet?

Beth: no the recession diet has even fewer calories
I'd have lost 10 lbs on that
The eBay Diet - how i lost 5lbs, all my money and my sanity

kathysimpson: THAT works well :)

Beth: ebook?? It's got ebook written all over it

kathysimpson: LOL
sure thing
we can have recipes like feedback franks (hot dogs cause you got no money)

Beth: lol
dsr and lettuce sandwichs

kathysimpson: DSR - that deserves it's own category
Certified Seller Subs

Beth: lol
who's copying this to the DSR's blog you or me?

kathysimpson: whoever remembers first?
Promo -
Want to contribute to the first REAL ebay cookbook
raising funds for eBay sellers old folks home?
these are the categories for submission

Beth: great -that made me spew tuna and onions all over the keyboard

kathysimpson: LOL

Beth: Feedback Franks
DSR burgers

Beth: Policy Violation Pickels

kathysimpson: YES

kathysimpson: dashboard drugs

Beth: no drugs on this diet - Can't afford drugs on this diet

kathysimpson: ok - didn't Danna do something like this with her eBay group?

Beth: no she did a real cookbook
this is a spoof

More recipes for:
ebay Review Raisin Cookies
Pinks Lemonade
Paypal peanuts
Griff Gravy
Donahoe Donuts
Lorrie's Lazy Lasagna with Norrington Noodles

Beth: Category Changes crackers

Kat: Change Chillers
Skippy's Peanut Butter Sandwich
eBayInk Escarole
Chatter Chimichangas
Todd's Tanker Tuna
That Melinda's Munchies
Brian's Bacon
ProStore Pudding
Bucket Bananas
Seller Stew

And for breakfast the day after?? Bonanzle Bagels

Beth: Town Hall Twinkees
Announcement Day apple turnovers
Auction AuGratin
BIN Blintzes
Fixed Price Fettucine
Best Match Omelet
eBay Guides Guacamole
TOS Salad
Todd's Tanker Tea
Brian Burke's Banana Splits
Ginger Lieshman Snaps


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Okay girls...step away from the have obviously crossed over into...


Jimmy and Marshell said...

LOL! I love it! We all need a good laugh now and then, thanks, gals:>)


mymomsbooks said...

I'm catching up on the DSR blog. You girls are a talented riot!
Love it, Suz