Saturday, February 7, 2009

50 Books...

I was just heading for bed when I made the mistake of reading my local county's website/forum.

One of the members posted that they made a resolution to read fifty books this year. I love to read and as I sat here thinking about this - I wondered if I made a list of fifty books - what books would I put on it?

I can tell you books I've read and loved -

The Devil Wears Prada

Bridget Jones Diary

The Alienist

Books I wanted to like, but didn't-

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Books I already have, but haven't got around to reading yet...



but....a list of fifty books....THAT is a little harder...

This is the year that is suppose to about ME though. Enriching my life, making myself a better person, taking time for me.

What better way to do this - then by reading?

So....I'm going to make my list over the next few days and I challenge anyone else that loves to read to do the same!

As an added bonus --- many of us in this group sell books on EBay, Biblio and Amazon....just think...if we get more people to commit to reading fifty books this year --- we could get more sells!

Now there's a novel idea...NOVEL get it! Ha-Ha...

So....anyone want to join me?



Beth Cherkowsky said...

50? I'm having a hard time getting thru 3. But I will commit to 25.

Starting with:
Google Advertising Tools (How appropriate)
The Physician by Noah Gordon(currently in progress - I'm about 1/2 thru - if you like historical fiction This is a good one) pre-crusades, a barber-surgeon travels to Persia to go to medical school.

And (also in progress 1/2 finished and got distracted) The Stone of Light bu Cjrostoam Jacq - set in the Egypt of the pyramids.

Kat Simpson said...

okay - if you aren't reading Twilight - SELL IT NOW, LOL Have you seen the prices on that one? But seriously, 20 YO Son got back into reading through that series so I'm happy. What am I reading right now? Quickbooks 2009, Suze Orman's steps to Financial Freedom, and SOON by Jerry Jenkins. Now, how is your Office doing?

Jimmy and Marshell said...

WOW! Those where the days! I used to have two books going at once; one in the bathroom, (hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!)
And one in the kitchen.
Of course, then there was the Readers Digest. Now I'm hooked on Prevention Magazine. I still read RD. I love Koontz, and I HAD a book around here somewhere, but my daughter kinda stole it?!
But, you know what? I will join you in 50 books this year! I feel so good after an hour with a good book.
I'll try to remember to post each book I read back here, so we can keep track.