Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Fun - Bigger Profits - starts in May 2014 in Las Vegas!!

My friend Danni Ackerman has planned a STUPENDOUS Learning event for May in Las Vegas.. And YOU are invited!

Registration is live now and I forgot to tell you all (DUH)  Here is your link to sign up  For  the  More Fun, Bigger Profits TrainingConference!(get the code below to save $50 on the registration price!!
HERE is what Danni told me:

“I think this event will be amazing! I'm focusing on individuals who have an eBay business, getting them through the rough times and obstacles that pop up out of nowhere as our business grows and changing some mindsets that stand in the way of success. Success shouldn't be that hard to attain, and I think this event can make a real difference.
For the past 2 years I have been mentoring and coaching others how to build their dream business, reach their success and be a thriving eBay seller!  This year I am on track to have a six figure sales year while running the Danni App as well.  I want to help others do the same, “

Now I've known Danni for about 10 years.  She's been in Yahoo groups with me and I, once a long while back,  kicked her out of my Yahoo Group  for being so negative and downhearted.  But I let her back and she's upped her game immensely. And now she has THE DANNI APP group on Facebook and her APPSTERS group where she offers training but really THIS is for everyone even if you're not in her appster group.   And I'm learning stuff from her every day.  

So here’s the link to sign up  for The More Fun Bigger Profits Conference - what are you waiting for?? Come on!      and here’s the Facebook group to read more about what it is

So if you sign up using that code right there > BC50MFBP YOU get $50 off the price and I get a referral fee – so please use MY code to sign up… it is
My unique coupon code BC50MFBP, and you get a $50 discount off the ticket price
Hotels and airfare etc are Not included…

Now if enough of you sign up and I make enough in referral fees even I will be showing up!! Please come, I think you'll learn a lot!


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