Sunday, December 1, 2013

Have you heard? or Why I Can No Longer Sell in Certain Categories..

About the recent "purges" and vendettas against certain sellers in Lala Land?  Well you can google it I'm sure but meanwhile, it's put the fear of God in many sellers.

You see, we get rated by you.  Oh you didn't know those "stars" you didn't give  or that you only gave 1 or 2 on meant anything?? Well Buttercup they do.  They mean I can't sell the rest of the comics I have because last month, people who agreed to mulitple purchases and the associated costs "dinged my stars". (that's what we sellers call it when you only give us a 1 or a 2 --- or even a 3 or a 4.

You see, Lalaland evaluates us based on those.  So rightly or wrongly, you hand out the pink slips to sellers every day when you scatter those ones and twos like fairy dust.

Oh wait, YOU knew that. And you did it on purpose? Why?

1. you paid shipping and you wanted FREE SHIPPING.  Ok, send that item back to me. Take it to the PO and tell them you want to ship it and not pay anything and see how that works for you.  Get back to me on that ok?

2. You bought 2 and thought I should combine shipping. Well I did.  Do you realize the USPS, like every other package transportation business, raises it's rates at least once a year these days?  In 2013, they raised them twice, some things went up in January and some went up in ..I think it was August. But they did go up...they've never gone done in my life-time and I'm 65.

So the charge you paid was the combined weight of both things you bought and then calculated by the USPS.  But you dinged MY stars not the USPS ....

3. LalaLand Central now charges me for the privilege of shipping to you.  Yes, you heard that right.  You pay $3.00 shipping, then Lalaland Collections takes 10% of that when they are calculating my bill. So I didn't even get everything you paid.  Oh and Lalaland's funds processor has their fingers in that till too.   So THANKS...not only did I get 90% of what you paid but YOU dinged my stars because I charged you too much.

So when you can't buy comic books from me at ridiculously low prices any more or depression glass or shoes I got very inexpensively and just passed them thru, now you know whose fault it is.  It's your own "Mr. Comic Book buyer" or "Miss This Blouse Is Not The Right Color" and "Joe It Arrived Damaged and I'm Not Sending Photos".

It's not that I don't make mistakes but the current regime in Lalaland doesn't have minimal punishments. They just mete out the death sentence for any "infraction" no matter how long you've been selling there or how hard you work to do that selling.
So I can not afford to sell you these comics I got at a garage sale this week because they aren't dead mint, they don't fly by themselves and you have been handing out 1s and 2s on other peoples DSRS like fairy dust this last year or more and I've had enough of those, thank you very much..  So nope, not me, not any more.  Soon there will be no categories left for me.  Then where are you gonna get your comic books??

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