Monday, May 6, 2013

How Do You Promote Your Business?

If you have been around as an online seller for a long time you remember the early days of eBay. Do you ever yearn for those days or have you moved forward with the times and learned new ways to promote yourself?

It was so easy years ago when eBay and online selling was new and different. You could list things with very few rules and see sales and even bidding wars. If you sell online today you know it is very different and we all need to adept and change with the times. I am not saying it is easy but it can be done and one way is to promote your items and your business.

So the question of the day is how do you promote your items? One way I promote my items is by using Twitter  and in fact I really enjoy Twitter both as a business and a person. My Twitter friends are people I know or who I have met on  Twitter and we re-tweet each other items. We also have quite a chatty conversation going about all kinds of things.

I can Tweet from my phone, my Kindle, my laptop and yes my desktop computer so I check in regularly too keep up with my friends. If you would like to follow me and join in the fun you can follow Bookcornercafe

eBay gives us traffic reports to show us how people find our listings and month after month Twitter is in my top 5. I know it helps me promote both my items and business name and as any online seller knows that's very important.

So I ask the question of all of you where to do you promote your items?


mymomsbooks said...

You are right on, this is a different world as we continue to sell.

Twitter is a easy site for everyone to promote with.

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Like you I tweet (well YOU know that!) but I also have facebook pages for my businesses... and on a "normal" day I post there 2 or 3 times. Sometimes items I'm sellign or my friends are selling. Sometimes info I find, like Carnival glass shows, Depression Glass shows, or articles I find about segments of my market.

Here's my main page on facebook..Depression Glass Warehouse