Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's NOT Vacation Time...

So I've heard a lot of BS about how this is the time to take a vacation and this is the "slow" time of the year for eBay, Amazon sellers and ecommerce in general.  I"m here to say BULLSheep!!

THIS is the time of year, from  now til the bills come in at the middle to end of the month, when people have money and are spending it on themselves. They have gift cards, gift money, returns money etc. They've always wanted _____________ and they are buying it.  Are you selling it??

We've been blessed with some snowstorms and some frigid weather to keep buyers home and if you have stuff listed and are consistently editing, revising and listing more, you will get sales. This is always one of my best months of the year!!

BUT you need a few auctions consistently running to "tempt" people in. Otherwise the only offers I get are on my "ending soonest" stuff. (which just kicks the theory of "best match" to the curb in my opinion).

So... if you're not utilizing the freebie offerings. eBay gave or not the recipient of any (me? not on any account, not yet) you still have to work like you need the money.

Teux Deux List:
  1. Do a couple of auctions for every day uploading, 
  2. do a couple of fixed price new listings and revise your oldest stuff. 
  3.  And that's besides getting your accounting done and 
  4. making lists of "goals" or "resolutions" for 2013.
 NOT time for sitting and day-dreaming about when you get to be a billionaire... get busy... list more, sell more, start a new venue, start a new process (like FBA) or revisit and revise an old one like eCrater, follow my friend Elaine's example and try out Pinterst or Twitter or Facebook.... No resting on your laurels! Laurels are pointy leaves and not comfortable any way so get busy


Katarina TheGreat said...

Jake at
designed new tool that is an alternative to retired ebay pulse. Huge help with relevant keywords for the title revisions

Proper Purchases said...

Love your posts and "food for thought" Ms. Beth! I couldn't have said it better myself. TY for sharing & inspiring me!
P.S. is the bomb! I started promoting them on my Pinterest and Facebook pages about a year ago! ;-) Aly

kdmoretti said...

I`m not on Vacation that`s for sure I`m listing I`m sourcing and I`m selling!

Amanda Rose said...

Yeah, girl! Tell it like it is! I rested too much and now my sales are suffering. But.. I have some new inventory awaiting my scanner! Tomorrow!

Amanda Rose said...
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