Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LAST CALL! Ebay on Location in Philly

Are you an eBay seller? Are you local to Philadelphia? (local meaning can you drive here in 6-9 hrs???)

Are you registered for eBay on Location in Philadelphia next week?
Well what are you waiting for?? Go here http://www.ebayonlocation.com and sign up. 

You can't be part of the fun if you're closed out and the slots are filling up.

Hurry up 'cause,  Sept 5th is the Opening Ceremony and Sept 6th is when all the "games"  happen, aka seminars, training, sprinting from one room to the next, the handshaking marathon and the "cramming stuff is overtaxed brains" test.  

No Gold medals for you if you stay home.  

Now seriously, I went to Orlando last year, I went to Chicago in 2008 and to New Orleans in 2004 (thank God they didn't pick New Orleans or the South for this year's event..and prayers for those of you swimming around in waterwings this week... )   and I can honestly say:


I can't always tell what it is but in 2004 I learned to re-write my return policy and to make other policies more "buyer friendly" in 2008 I Learned about Item specifics. I'm still processing 2011 but I did learn a bunch of "push you up higher in search ideas".

So, will I see you there?? I'll be the short round person with white hair... this year I'm not limping as I've gone All Bionic All the time...next year's replacement parts are on order now but this  year I'm entered in the sprinting from class to class event. (my sprint is your slow mosey).  If you see me, introduce yourself!! (and hand me a business card, that's a whole OTHER event.)


kdmoretti said...

This will be my FIRST and hopefully NOT my ONLY EOL Visit. I am really excited !

The Danni App said...

Can't wait to meet my East Coast friends!!

mymomsbooks said...

Your all so lucky to be able to attend. Talked to hubby and one day we too will due this! Sounds like a special time with people like us!