Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan

Think this is Japan? Think again.
This is the flood in Nashville last year in 2010. Do you remember it? Probably not.
The reason I am posting this is because over the next few days we will be bombarded with ads and postings on Facebook and Twitter that the Red Cross needs our money so they can help the people in Japan. George Clooney will most likely come forward and do a telethon to raise more money and it can be sent "over there." Stars will appear, music will be get the picture.
While I think this is a noble cause, it often disturbs me that those of us in the United States are so quick to raise money to help people in other countries, but where was George Clooney when Nashville was underwater?
Ironically, there was a telethon for Nashville, but did it get national coverage? Was George Clooney there? A search through Google tells us that this telethon was on a local station WSMV. Taylor Swift even contributed $500,000 to it for flood relief. Later Vince Gill raised 1.7 million for the Salvation Army. Money was raised, but outside of Nashville - did anyone know it was needed?
The point I'm getting at (and there is one)... is....why do we (American citizens) rush for our checkbooks and pocketbooks when another country has a catastrophic event, but we are so slow to reach for them when it is one of our own? Do we think the government is going to take care of it? Why does the coverage on CNN go on for days when it is elsewhere (not counting Katrina), but Nashville was just a blip on our news channels and then it was on to more important things like what Lindsay Lohan wore to court or whether Michael Jackson's doctor was going to be indicted?
I'm not saying we shouldn't donate, nope - not saying that at all. What I am saying is - that when you feel the need to give - look at your own backyard. There may be people here that need your help just as much as they do elsewhere, perhaps even more so since there is no media coverage of their plight.


mymomsbooks said...

Funny you mentioned this, hubby & I were saying the same thing. We said Cat.

Beth Cherkowsky said...

I agree Cat, that we always give with an open hand no matter where in the world. BUT in our own communities, states and regions we tend to figure "they'll handle it". But last year, OBS did charity auctions for the Middle Tenn Foundation and the Nashville Red Cross Chapter. We probably saved one duck..but we tried..andhopefully our hearts will never give up or grow weary of helping anyone else who needs it.

Great post!!

paigesmom9 said...

This is exactly what I've been saying for forever! I will never understand why we can always find the money to help everyone else but can't seem to find it to help ourselves!!?? Don't get me wrong, I am not a selfish person by no means, I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed, but I will NOT take food and clothes away or off my child for somebody else. I will make sure she is provided for FIRST and formost before I could help anyone else.Just my opinion.

tommy said...

Hello, while I do agree that sometimes we tend to overlook domestic in favor of international aid, I don't think it is inappropriate to ask people to assist Japan in their time of need.

I say this because the Japanese government and people have routinely assisted the United States (contrary to the "karma for Pearl Harbor" crowd). After the Katrina disaster, the Japanese government and private citizens and corporations gave monetary and other forms of aid to the people of New Orleans. Even after 9-11, while the citizens of some nations actually cheered the destruction of the twin towers, the Japanese prime minister was quick to offer his full support to the United States (offering tens of millions of dollars to assist with the recovery and cleanup efforts). Japan has also been a great ally in the war on terror, committing money and even troops while many other nations have thumbed their noses at us.

While the past between our nations have not always been pleasant, you could not ask for a better friend and ally than Japan.

Sushiboofay said...

Tommy - I have no objection to giving assistance to Japan and even said so in my post. In fact, if someone is able to give - I think they should. I just think that sometimes people forget that there are people here that need our help too. My point was - that we not only need to help our friends abroad, but also those that are in our own backyard.