Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cabin Fever Sale

OBS Members have the winter blues and think a sale would be the perfect solution while stuck inside.
The sale starts now and runs to the end of the month. By then we should be able to get out of our cabins!

Shop with our trusted friends with an array of items. We sell books, sewing patterns, clothes, glassware, dishes, antiques, magazines, souvenirs, toys, sheet music, Valentines, postcards, home accessories, movies almost anything you can think of.

Here is a list of participating stores and their discounts -

My Moms Books 15% off store wide

Cozy Home Collectibles 15% off store wide

Birdhouse Books 10% - 20% off through January 31
Vintage children's books, collectible cookbooks, and ephemera (vintage Valentines, Christmas cards, dog cards, and more)

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