Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th and The NICE kitty!

Hello All,

Well, it's Friday the 13th and it isn't being a fun day so far. It started right before midnight last nite so someone's clocks were off a bit. Doug had put the girls out for one last bathroom call before we went to bed. When he came back in, he said "I think Cricket got sprayed by a SKUNK". By that time, she, Snickers and Doug had already gotten into the house, so now you can imagine how my kitchen and dining room are smelling...... Shall I say "P U"? Of all times, I'm surely glad my sinus's aren't working on the smelling part cause I don't smell it in the house now. Boy oh Boy, Doug sure can and he says it's about making him ill.

I'm assuming on how things happened last nite. Cricket possibly saw the skunk and thought it was a kitty cat and decided to chase it. Guess she found out that the nice kitty cat wasn't so nice. It seems that she got sprayed lightly in the face, thank goodness it wasn't any worse, but just enough for her to NOT forget that it happened. She wasn't a happy camper last nite either. So now, that part where I slept like a log last nite worked too BUT when I awoke, there was Cricket, between us on the BED. Now, I wasn't a happy camper cause I usually scoot her outta it. So now, yes, I need to clean the bed covers today. Geeze, never a dull moment when we are at the farm. From the beginning 22 1/2 years ago, we nicknamed it the three "F's". Standing for the Freeland's Funny Farm". Never a dull moment for us. I won't even get into the time when our Black Lab Shadow encountered a Porcupine. The poor thing was over two miles from the farm house and had to walk back with her hunting master......

Ok, enough drama for now. I will be getting the white vinegar out to make Crickie smell like a salad instead of an unwanted be continued.

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